The Heart of Otafuku

A healthy body leads to a healthy heart and mind. By choosing only ingredients of the best quality, we can contribute to the physical and mental well being of our customers. This principal is reflected in everything we do because we understand that in order to give back to the community and make a brighter world, we must first start with the individual.


The history of Otafuku that began as a small-scale operation

In 1922, one young man began selling Japanese sake and soy sauce at a small store by the name of “Sasaki Shouten.” That young man was the founder of our company, Seiichi Sasaki.

In 1938, Sasaki began to develop “koji” (a kind of rice malt) and began to make his own recipe for vinegar. He hoped that the vinegar he produced would bring a smile to everyone’s face. This was the birth of “Otafuku Vinegar.”

At that time, the fall out of the atomic bomb had destroyed the City of Hiroshima and the people had to start rebuilding the city once again. Despite the damage much of the city had sustained, Sasaki was unwilling to compromise his belief that the food you give to the members of your community should not be made from damaged materials. In fact, he continued production without changing his own motto, “Put everything you’ve got into each drop.” He did his best to make safe and delicious products that people could eat without worrying.

Even today, we do our best to give joy to others and bringing a smile to our customers’ faces just as our young founder did then.