The Joy of Otafuku

“Otafuku,” whose unique face has often been pictured alongside “Hyottoko” dating back to ancient times, is not the archetypal image of a beautiful woman.

However, her thin eyes (showing an ever smiling face), her low nose (representing humility), her tiny mouth (implying that she does not waste her words), her large ears (signifying her ability to listen), her robust cheeks (indicating a healthy body and mind), and her wide forehead (portraying her wisdom), show us that her beauty was internal.

The basic flavors (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami) are not only sensory tastes, but are also things that we experience every day. The bittersweet nature of life is something that Otafuku knew very well. She is a beloved figure in Japan and we hope that in time she will come to be widely loved throughout the rest of the world as well.