CSR Report


In Pursuit of Taste and Health

Naoyoshi Sasaki,
Representative Director
Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd.

Our okonomiyaki mission

Otafuku Sauce is a company founded in Hiroshima. One of the main dishes in Hiroshima is okonomiyaki, a symbol of the city’s postwar reconstruction, and it is the people’s love of this dish that has made our company what it is today. We therefore feel it is our duty to spread the culture of okonomiyaki. Several years ago, we published a book called “OCONOMISSION,” an attempt to verify what role okonomiyaki plays in various issues surrounding “food.” In spite of frequent changes in the situation since then, the idea remains that okonomiyaki’s background and characteristics can offer some kind of solution. Nowadays, we contribute to local society through okonomiyaki by offering okonomiyaki classes that introduce delicious recipes and the dish’s appeal, giving lessons within school education that combine elements of history and culture, running the WoodEgg Okonomiyaki Museum as a hub of information about okonomiyaki, exhibiting at community events, and so on.

Giving Japanese okonomiyaki culture to the world

I have been involved mostly in our overseas business, and believe there has been a radical transformation in the international image of Japanese food. Behind this change is a growing awareness of its flavors due to factors such as the global expansion of Japanese companies and the growing numbers of foreign visitors to Japan. But that is not all. The recent rise in interest and demand for Japanese cuisine is also due in part to people being drawn to its deliciousness and healthiness. As a nutritionally well-balanced and tasty meal made from simple ingredients readily available worldwide, okonomiyaki can give people everywhere what they want. Recently, the WoodEgg Okonomiyaki Museum has received large numbers of visitors from abroad. I believe this has been made possible by the fun that can be had making okonomiyaki and people’s interest in its historical background. In 2013, our company also established production bases in China and the USA where we have focused on developing products to meet local demand and introducing Japanese food with an emphasis on okonomiyaki and other flour items. We are continuing activities such as food tasting to let people know the true taste and, as the number of restaurants around the world serving okonomiyaki increases, we offer them support using the knowhow we have cultivated in Japan. The same manufacturing process that has pleased our customers since our foundation is now in place overseas, and we are bringing safe and reliable products to dining tables around the world while continuing to expand the possibilities for okonomiyaki.

Producing the value that people want

Our corporate mission is to do our part by creating quality products that contribute to the health, well-being and joy of our customers. Through our safe, reliable products in which we pursue the delicious taste of nature, we are also promoting dietary habits that promote both physical and mental health, such as by proposing eating scenarios that enhance the joy of eating, like sitting around a table with others to eat. With the expected increase in number of single-person households and senior citizens in Japan, we need to respond to future changes in demographic composition and lifestyle and the diversification of tastes. The most important thing is to provide the value that individuals want, reflecting the needs of communities, generations and the times. But even in future eating scenarios, good taste and health will remain essential elements and a source of joy and satisfaction. In September 2015, we finished construction of our “Will Egg Otafuku R&D Center” where our marketing and R&D functions are now integrated. We have positioned it the hub of our knowledge, including seeds and needs. The goal is to contribute to a rich and varied future diet by improving our environment, letting individual employees show their abilities, enhancing our unique strengths as an organization, and creating worthwhile products.

As our centennial anniversary approaches in seven years time, we will make a concerted effort to build familiarity with the people of Japan and the rest of the world and be included in more and more eating scenarios.

Company Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the health, well-being, and joy of our customers.

Pledge to Our Customers:

  1. We will work tirelessly to bring you the finest sauces possible. Good service with a smile is our first priority.
  2. Every day, we will strive to conduct our business ethically and consider your benefit before our own.
  3. We want our sauces to become one of the reasons you smile when you gather around the table.
  4. By using only the best materials, we will continuously endeavor to create a product with an authentically natural flavor.
  5. We will continue to learn every day in order to improve all our policies and respond to your needs in a timely fashion.
  6. Our ultimate goal is to provide customers satisfaction and our responsibility is to you above everything else.

The Philosophy of the Water Basin

Bringing joy to others is what brings us joy as well.

Our Employees

In order to show our good will and good faith, we will follow through on our promises to our customers in order to fulfill their needs.

The tastes of nature delivered directly to your doorstep

We are surrounded by the bounty of nature: rich earth, water, air.
We are grateful to be enveloped by such a rich natural environment.

We are grateful for the bounty of nature and use only the finest natural ingredients to make our products. In appreciation, we are always coming up with new environmentally sustainable solutions in order to keep our manufacturing operations nature-friendly.

We make every effort to ensure that our products are not only natural, but also healthy, safe, and top quality as well.We care about satisfying our customers, and we invest that care in every drop of our products.