CSR Report

Message from the President

Naoyoshi Sasaki,
Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd.

“Borderless Happiness”

Promoting healthy living to bring you happiness

Since its founding, our company has made it its mission to "contribute to a joyous society with health, wellness and happiness through food." That is why we have always sought to develop and improve our products by staying faithful to the "spirit of Otafuku," which is meant to bring joy and happiness to our customers. Our products have always enjoyed widespread popularity, including our "Okonomi Sauce," which was tested and improved with the goal of solving a particular issue okonomiyaki restaurants were faced with. I believe the reason we have managed to maintain our popularity lies in the fact that we cherish our customers' opinions we receive every day and use them to develop our products in harmony with the "heart of Otafuku."
In the previous fiscal year (2017-18), when our company celebrated its 95th anniversary, we took on various challenges in order to look for new markets according to the changes in society and customers' needs. To be more specific, we opened a Taipei branch in Taiwan and organized the 2018 Promotion Fair "Okonomiyaki Trade Show" in Tokyo, Osaka, and Hiroshima with the goal of offering new solutions for the okonomiyaki business as the trends and customers' needs change. We wanted to express our never-ending gratitude towards okonomiyaki restaurants and other dining establishments, and also our sincerest hope for their prosperity and growth in the future. We continued to focus on conveying the appeal of okonomiyaki, which is known as a healthy dish with superior nutritional balance. We also celebrated the 10th anniversary of our Wood Egg Okonomiyaki Museum, which we opened in 2008 with the goal of spreading okonomiyaki and its culture.
In the era of population aging, we believe it is our social mission to contribute to the improvement of people's healthy life expectancy as a food company that bases its management policies on the principles of healthy living. In the future, we want to reach beyond the boundaries of the domestic market and develop new products that are adapted to the globalization trends, including the rising popularity of Japanese cuisine abroad and the increasing number of foreign tourists in Japan. Our efforts to promote okonomiyaki will continue.

Improving the taste to bring more joy

In recent years, the needs in the domestic market have been changing due to low birth rates, population aging, women's social advancement, and lifestyle diversification. We need to improve the ability of each individual employee to understand our customers' needs on-site which has been developed so far and also to perfect the quality of our products and menus where those needs materialize. By increasing the organizational strength of the company as a whole and by adhering to the principle of always considering things from our customers' perspective, we can develop truly original products that embody our unique values. Those products need to be simple and convenient while prioritizing flavor and health. We also want to propose new ways of enjoying food in order to bring happiness to our customers.

“Borderless Happiness”

To gather around a delicious delight is what our company considers to be the "shape of happiness." To expand our business abroad, we have been seeking to promote the Japanese food culture by developing products that meet the needs of various local communities. That includes making halal-certified seasonings, using vegetarian recipes for our sauces, and similar strategies. In this term, we started working to improve our brand recognition by replacing the Japanese characters in our logo with letters: "OTafUKU." We did that in response to an increase in the number of foreign tourists in Japan. We have also changed our corporate slogan to "Borderless Happiness," which symbolizes our endeavor to create more opportunities for people all around the world to taste the appealing flavor of our products and okonomiyaki, which is in itself a type of "borderless food" capable of overcoming any barrier. We will continue dedicating our efforts to okonomiyaki and spread the circle that represents the shape of simple happiness hiding behind the barriers between the hearts of people around the world.

Corporate Slogan

Borderless Happiness

To gather around a delicious delight.
That is the shape of happiness Otafuku Sauce
is trying to achieve.
When people gather to enjoy food,
the atmosphere always fills with joy,
warmth, and comfort.

Otafuku Sauce products and also
okonomiyaki itself represent "borderless food"
that transcends all kinds of barriers.

To evoke the joy that hides behind
the barriers between people's hearts.
With global environment in mind,
we want to spread the circle of people
that represents this shape of simple happiness
all around the world in the future.

Company Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the health, well-being, and joy of our customers.

Pledge to Our Customers:

  1. We will work tirelessly to bring you the finest sauces possible. Good service with a smile is our first priority.
  2. Every day, we will strive to conduct our business ethically and consider your benefit before our own.
  3. We want our sauces to become one of the reasons you smile when you gather around the table.
  4. By using only the best materials, we will continuously endeavor to create a product with an authentically natural flavor.
  5. We will continue to learn every day in order to improve all our policies and respond to your needs in a timely fashion.
  6. Our ultimate goal is to provide customers satisfaction and our responsibility is to you above everything else.

The Philosophy of the Water Basin

Bringing joy to others is what brings us joy as well.

Our Employees

In order to show our good will and good faith, we will follow through on our promises to our customers in order to fulfill their needs.

The tastes of nature delivered directly to your doorstep

We are surrounded by the bounty of nature: rich earth, water, air.
We are grateful to be enveloped by such a rich natural environment.

We are grateful for the bounty of nature and use only the finest natural ingredients to make our products. In appreciation, we are always coming up with new environmentally sustainable solutions in order to keep our manufacturing operations nature-friendly.

We make every effort to ensure that our products are not only natural, but also healthy, safe, and top quality as well.We care about satisfying our customers, and we invest that care in every drop of our products.