Salmon Chirashi-Zushi

uncooked rice 3 rice-cooker cups
salmon 100g
cucumber 0.5
eggs 2
oba (Japanese basil) leaves 4
Otafuku Sushi Vinegar 0.5 cup
  1. 1Cook the rice with a little less water than usual, and add the corresponding amount of Sushi Vinegar to the cooked rice to make sushi rice.
  2. 2Quickly sear the salmon on both sides and roughly break it up into pieces.
  3. 3Cut the cucumber into rounds, salt to tenderize, then immerse in water and drain the water off. Shred the oba into strips.
  4. 4Beat the eggs and cook them into a light crepe, remove and shred into thin strips.
  5. 5When the sushi rice is at skin temperature, mix in (2) and (3) until barely combined.
  6. 6Place (5) on a serving dish, and sprinkle on the shredded egg crepe.