Kyabetsu-yaki (cabbage fry)

cabbage 60g
tenkasu (tempura crisp) 10g
fish flour as needed
sakura shrimp 3g
shōga (red pickled ginger) 3g
egg 1
flour 20g
water 30g
Otafuku Okonomi Sauce 30g
  1. 1Blend the water and flour together in a bowl.
  2. 2Warm up a frying pan at low heat, and spread the mixture from (1) thinly to a diameter of around 16 cm.
  3. 3Onto (2), add the fish flour, cabbage,tenkasu (tempura crisp), sakura shrimp, beni shōga (red pickled ginger), and egg in that order.
  4. 4Raise the heat to medium, and flip.
  5. 5Fry thoroughly until the egg is golden brown, and flip again.
  6. 6Fry for around two minutes, serve, and add sauce to taste.