Minced pork rice

pork 130g
ginger 10g
sesame oil as needed
boiled egg 1
boiled pak choi as needed
Otafuku Okonomi Sauce
【A】soy sauce 1/2Tbsp
【A】water 100ml
star aniseed as needed
  1. 1Cut the pork into 1 cm cubes and finely chop the ginger.
  2. 2Heat the sesame oil and the ginger in a frying pan, add the pork, and fry.
  3. 3Once the pork is browned, add boiled egg and star aniseed (to taste) to mixture <A>.
    Once it comes to the boil, turn down the heat, cover with a lid resting directly on the food, and simmer until it thickens.
  4. 4Add rice to a bowl, then add (3) and a boiled egg cut in half. Top with boiled pak choi (Chinese cabbage).