Sashimi Rice Bowl

rice 400g
sashimi(row fish) 150g
cucumber 1/2
egg 1
radish sprouts as needed
salmon roe as needed
Otafuku Rakkyo Vinegar as needed
Otafuku Kaisen Sauce as needed
salt・sugar, oil as needed
sesame as needed
wasabi as needed
  1. 1Put rakkyo vinegar into rice and mix and cool.
  2. 2Cut cucumber into 7-8mm cube, sashimi into 1cm cube, and radish sprouts into 1cm.
  3. 3Beat an egg on a bowl and add salt・sugar and make scrambled eggs.
  4. 4Mix ①, cucumber, ③ and plate up. Put sashimi, radish sprouts and salmonroe on.
  5. 5Add Kaisen Sauce(and put wasabi as you like).