cabbage 100g
onion (finely chopped) 30g
carrots (finely chopped) 10g
pork belly (filleted) 40g
yakisoba noodles
(Chinese noodles)
1 ball
aonori as required
Otafuku Yakisoba Sauce
(adjust the amount of sauce according to the volume of the noodles and vegetables)
  1. 1Heat a hot plate to 220 degrees C, place the noodles on a clear space and warm them through.
  2. 2Add the pork belly (cut into bite-size pieces), and cook thoroughly using the whole hot plate.
  3. 3Add onion, carrot and cabbage in that order, and cook well.
  4. 4Mix the noodles with the ingredients given in (3).
  5. 5Add Yakisoba Sauce and mix together.
  6. 6Finally, add aonori to complete.