Original Takoyaki Izakaya in Barcelona "YATAI"

If you miss Japanese foods in Spain, just come to YATAI Barcelona!!

We offer you the calm space and special foods such as Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki as if you were in Japan.

【The history of YATAI】
YATAI started its business as take-away shop for Japanese food
at Sitges, where is one of the resorts in Spain, by Koketsu brothers.
They finally opened a new restaurant in Barcelona after 3 years of the first shop.
Their "motto" is "Japanese taste".
They introduced a special Takoyaki machine into their restaurant,
and it reminds you Japan for sure.
Please come and enjoy YATAI Barcelona!

※Please tell the staff at the entrance of YATAI that you saw Otafuku website
 or facebook about YATAI and you will get free Takoyaki plate for 1 serving.