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2022/03/18 New Release Two Plant-Based Products

We released new wholesales products "Plant-Based Yakisoba Sauce" and "Plant-Based Umami Dashi".

These products are animal-derived ingredients-free, alcohol-free, and five pungent roots-free, no egg and no milk. They can meet various dietary such as vegan, oriental vegan, halal, people who have egg or milk allergies.

*Five pungent roots (gokun) = onions, garlic, scallions, chives, and leeks.

Plant-Based Yakisoba Sauce

Yakisoba Sauce1 (2).jpgBy blending multiple vegetables and fruits, the umami of meat and fish and the taste of five pungent roots (gokun) are supplemented. This product can be used for not only stir-fry noodle, but also sprinkle on dishes. Yakisoba Menu (3).jpg

Plant-Based Umami Dashi

Dashi (2).jpg

We soak shiitake mushrooms and dried radishes overnight to get the soup stock, and mix various flavors such as shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, and tomatoes. Because of that, composite flavors are included. This product can be used for various menus such as noodle soup and stewed dishes just by diluting it.

Dashi Menu (2).jpg

Our "Plant-Based Yakisoba Sauce" and "Plant-Based Umami Dashi" can meet various dietary. We are proud of the reputation of being a "clean label" product, that only uses the highest quality ingredients. Please check them out and enjoy cooking and eating. Our sauce brings you happiness.

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