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2022/08/16 New Release! Sushi Sauce・Instant Miso Soup

We started selling two new retail products!
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■Sushi Sauce
・Available for not only sushi rolls, but also teriyaki and kabayaki menus. 
・Sushi sauce with kelp soup stock and vegetable stock. 
・Clean label product: Gluten free, Vegan(No animal product),  No alcohol as additives, No HSHs, No tamarind, No HFCS.
sushimiso sauce.jpg
■Instant Miso Soup
・Easy to make miso soup deliciously just by diluting it 7 times.
・Good for not only miso soup, but also Dengaku(miso-glazed dishes), pasta and other baked or grilled menus. 
・Based on 2 types of miso (bean miso matured for 2 years, rice miso) and Hon mirin, kelp soup stock and 5 types of vegetables are mixed to create this miso soup base  rich flavor. 
・Clean label product: Vegan(No animal product), No HSHs, No tamarind, No HFCS, No coloring.
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Our "Sushi Sauce" and "Instant Miso Soup" can meet various dietary. We are proud of the reputation of being a "clean label" product, that only uses the highest quality ingredients. Please check them out and enjoy cooking and eating. Our sauce brings you happiness.

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