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2023/04/25 The Secrets of Okonomiyaki and Otafuku Sauce!

お好み焼1.pngHroshima style Okonomiyaki originally began as a children's snack called "Issen-yoshoku"(western food that costs one penny).

It was a very simple snack made from flour and a small amount of vegetables.

As food was very scare after the atomic bombing, people started using a lot of vegetables such as cabbage and green onions, and so Okonomiyaki was created as a meal which was filling and satisfied people's appetites.

Okonomiyaki later gained great popularity for its taste and has now become a specialty meal which has become a classic symbol of Hiroshima.


Otafuku Sauce created Okonomi Sauce which go well with Okonomiyaki in 1952.

Okonomi Sauce is a delicious, nutrient-rich sauce composed mainly of vegetables and fruits. Because of the popularity of Okonomiyaki, the Okonomi Sauce used with it also became popular as well.

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