• Okonomi Sauce

Omlet Toast


bread 2
egg 3
sliced hum 2~3 slices
cheese 20g
cabbage 60g
Otafuku Okonomi Sauce as needed
mayonnaise as you like
salt・pepper as needed
oil, butter as needed


  1. Cut the center of the bread into squre.
  2. Beat an egg and add shreded hum, cabege, cheese, salt・pepper and mix.
  3. Put oil and butter on the flying pan and put out side of①. Put ② into the hole of the bread. Cook it on low to mideum heat.
  4. Put the inside of ① on the hole of the bread and turn it over. After push it lightly, put butter around the bread and cook.
  5. Plate up and put Okonomi Sauce and mayonase as you like.

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