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Crispy Okonomiyaki ~Osaka-style~


all purpose flour 30g
water 50g
egg 1
mayonnaise 10g
cabbage 80g
shrimp or squid 30g
Otafuku Okonomi Sauce Halal as needed


  1. Chop cabbage and cut toppings.
  2. Mix flour with water.
  3. Add and mix egg, mayonnaise, chopped cabbage and bite-sized squid into the batter.
  4. Put the mixture on the frying pan and make it round pancake in 1cm thickness.
  5. Cook both sides of the mixture for 4 mins with cooking oil. After cooking, spread Okonomi Sauce on top as needed.
  6. * can mix any vegetables, seafood and meat to suit your taste.

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